Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 3 TWAT... Kind Of

Day 3.

Well we made it home.

This morning I woke up to the sounds of my neighbor snoring and couldn't stand how greasy my hair was so I washed it in the drinking water faucet which was very cold but refreshing. We left Cornucopia along with the snoring man and headed into Bayfield for coffee.

It was surprising how much response we got from our bikes. You would have thought we parked a couple of chromed out choppers for people to gawk at.


From Bayfield we headed down to Washburn to stop by a family friend. After that we headed into barksdale to see my aunt and uncle but they weren't home at the time. Taking a quick look at the beach that I practically grew up on we proceeded into Ashland. I stopped by my fathers grave and then we went to get some breakfast/lunch at the Golden Glow. The Golden Glow is a great cafe in Ashland that really hasn't left the 50's.

Golden Glow Ashland

We were trying to figure out the best way home when Isaiah came up with the idea of heading East into Michigan and then South home. It was a great idea turning our Trans WI trip into a Trans state trip. The ride was going fine except that my shoulder muscle was causing me severe pain. Pain to the point where I stopped at a grocery store and bought Ben-Gay to rub on it. The Ben-Gay would help for about 20 to 30 minutes and then the pain would start coming back. I'm actually not sure if the Ben-Gay was helping or if it was just the fact that every time we stopped I got to relax that muscle and that was helping with the pain.

Our Trip

The ride home was for the most part uneventful. We cruised over to Michigan on Hwy 2 and then grabbed Hwy 45 all the way back down to West Bend.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 2. TWAT... Kind Of.

Day 2.

We are in Cornucopia WI.

Well this morning was cold and wet and foggy also. The rain started up again around 2:30 a.m. We headed out around 7am, and checked out the view from the park which was fog but quite pleasant.

View From Park

From the park we went and hit some switch backs on Hwy 33 which were fun but would have been even better on a dry day. We rode quite a few miles on pavement, finding a cow along the way, before we found any of the dirt trails which were just gravel roads.


We rode till about noon before the weather started to clear. We rode the gravel roads and ATV trails ( I dumped it on the ATV trail) until we got to Thorp.


Butler Town Hall


Watching the GPS and looking at maps we really felt like we were getting no where fast. After talking with my nephews in Thorp we decided to jump on Hwy 13 and run that for a while just to get some miles behind us. We figured an hour or two on the hwy and then jump back on the trail.


Well a few hours later we were at the ore dock in Ashland.

Ore Dock Ashland

Looking at the map we would have had to go a long way out of our way to get back on the trail so we just took 13 up to Cornucopia stopping in Washburn at a campground and securing ourselves a site for the night. The campgrounds were all RV style sites and didn't really fit what we were looking for with our tenting but it was better to have a crappy site than have no site at all. We then rode up through Bayfield and almost into Cornucopia I see the trail appear on my GPS so with a quick turn north on to another dirt road we headed for the end of the trail. The trail ended at the northern most point of WI so we got some pictures up there and found a campground.

Northern Most Spot in WI

The camp was strange to say the least. After riding around the grounds a couple of times we couldn't figure out how to pay for a site or if they had firewood on hand. We stopped and talked to a couple who were camping there and they also didn't know how to pay for a site so they were camping for free. We asked them about firewood and they told us that they bought some from the other campers. We quickly decided that this wasn't the place for us to camp and got back on the road. Just outside of Cornucopia we found a nicer camp site that had some firewood and 1 tent spot left open so we took it.


The firewood was more like crumbs at the bottom of a box but there was enough to keep us going for a while. Our neighbors to the left had a tent set up no more than 15 feet away from mine, while Isaiah had neighbors to his right about 25 feet away.  Our neighbors on the right came back first and were cooking dinner and a while later popping corks getting a bit buzzed up. I thought for sure we would be listening to sexy time from them.

Our neighbors on the left came home shortly before we were hitting the sack for the night. They were there for about ten minutes when sounds of a bear came roaring from their tent. It was the man snoring already. His snoring was so loud that I was having laughing fits in my tent all by myself and worried that they would hear me. It is clear what I am laughing at since my laughing follows his every snore.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 1 TWAT

Day 1.

We started out in West Bend and headed up to Wildcat Mountain State Park.
Packed and ready to go

When we left West Bend around 4:30 p.m. and the weather was warm and sunny. That quickly changed about 30 minutes into the trip. We could tell that the rain was moving in so we stopped for gas and got our rain gear on. Another 30 minutes on the road and we were both soaked from the hammering rain. There was no rain gear in the world that could keep us dry from it. The rain didn't let up until we got to the campground around 8:00 p.m. Arriving at the campground was a great relief. We checked in and purchased some firewood. The park ranger was nice enough to load the firewood and bring it up to our site. Our site was nothing that we expected, it was basically a grass lawn with a few trees and a big shed. The bathrooms two sites down kept our area well lit.The sun was almost down and the rain was gone giving us just enough time to set up camp and get a fire going. You could tell that the firewood was never dried properly and we had no kindling of any kind. There was a bathing suit in the fire pit so we used that along with some stove fuel to get the fire going. Once it was going we cooked some Ramen, dried out and warmed ourselves.

Inside my tent

The campground
Tomorrow morning we will be first getting to the TWAT (Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail) so I hope the weather clears.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting Ready

My first recorded ride is going to be the TWAT, which is the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail. We are getting ready to leave on the afternoon of 8/12/11.  I will be riding a 08' KLR 650. It is pretty much bone stock. The previous owner had it lowered so I did raise it back up to stock height and it could use a set of tires but they will get me through the rest of the riding season. I added aluminum panniers, tail bag, crash bar with highway pegs (on order), tank bag, 12v outlet, and a Sargent seat. The one item I am looking forward to getting is the throttle lock. It is different than any other one I have seen, yet it is so simple that I am surprised no one has come up with it earlier. I also will be using a Lowrance H2Oc GPS for mapping the trails.

I will post a complete packing list one of these days.