Monday, October 10, 2011

The KLR Farkles

So this little blog is about my KLR but I really haven't told you much about my bike. I bought the bike July 18th this year with 12928 miles, the bike now has 18600. Almost 6000 miles in about three months. The previous owner was a smaller girl that just didn't fit the bike properly even with the two inch lowering she put in it so she only put a couple hundred miles on it. Previous to her a motorcycle instructor owned it. I changed the bike a bit since the purchase and this is a list of what I put into the bike along with some pictures.

SU Happy Trail rack
Muffintop Panniers
Givi Crashbar
Moose Racing Grips
Moose Racing Hand Warmers
Moose Racing Barkbusters
Sargent Seat
LED Blinker Indicators*
12v Adapter**
Renthal Handlebars
DualStar Rear Brake Lever Mount
Happy Trail Windscreen System
Potvin Top Box***
Corbin Tank Bag
Tool/Fuel Tubes****
IRC Trail Winner GP-110 Tires

* The LED directional light indicators I mounted higher in the dashboard because I couldn't see the main one on the bike without looking down because of my helmet. Adding these helped but I need to find brighter ones.

** The 12v adapter I just zip tied to the frame under the tank so it is accessible but yet pointing down not to get rain in it. I do plan on adding one once I get an extra dash for the bike.

***The Potvin Top Box was made by a friend of mine. Great craftsmanship. It is mounted with four screw knobs on the inside for easy on and off access.

**** The Tool/Fuel tubes you see mounted on the back of the bike are tractor manual canisters that you can get from any farm supply place. I paid $4.99 a piece for them. Happy Trail sells them for $19.99.

This pic is from the day I bought it.

Damn Leafers

Today I took an afternoon ride up into the Northern Kettle Moraine for a few hours. Everybody in the state of Wisconsin decided to do the same thing. I have never seen that much traffic in that area before.

All in all it was a nice ride aside from the fact that I almost pissed my pants looking for a gas station. Couldn't just stop on the side of the road either because of all the traffic.

Towards the end of the ride we took a run down a dirt road that goes back into some hunting land. It was a really nice road to go down but too short, although we didn't go all the way down because we didn't want to upset the hunters. We need more roads like that in this area of Wi.

Monday, October 3, 2011

SLimy Crud Run

Went on the Slimy Crud Run today. Started out this morning from my house it was around 34 degrees out. We left at 7 am and headed down to Tosa. From Tosa we headed for Pine Bluff WI. While it was cold in the morning it quickly warmed up. By the time we got to Pine Bluff it was in the upper 60's. We walked around checking out the bikes in Pine Bluff (the only place I remembered to take pictures) and then headed up to Leland WI.

On our way to Leland we watched some guy fall off a perfectally straight road with his bike probably doing 55+ mph. We stopped, I was half expecting a dead guy but before I could even get my kickstand down he was standing and trying to get his bike up.

We got to Leland and looked at all the bikes and then headed back home. The rest of the ride while a great ride was pretty uneventful.

I definitely will be going back next year.