Monday, October 3, 2011

SLimy Crud Run

Went on the Slimy Crud Run today. Started out this morning from my house it was around 34 degrees out. We left at 7 am and headed down to Tosa. From Tosa we headed for Pine Bluff WI. While it was cold in the morning it quickly warmed up. By the time we got to Pine Bluff it was in the upper 60's. We walked around checking out the bikes in Pine Bluff (the only place I remembered to take pictures) and then headed up to Leland WI.

On our way to Leland we watched some guy fall off a perfectally straight road with his bike probably doing 55+ mph. We stopped, I was half expecting a dead guy but before I could even get my kickstand down he was standing and trying to get his bike up.

We got to Leland and looked at all the bikes and then headed back home. The rest of the ride while a great ride was pretty uneventful.

I definitely will be going back next year.