Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ahh Thanksgiving

It was suppose to be warm out today. We left my house at 7am and headed up to the northern kettle moraine forest. We just kept riding in the 30 degree weather knowing that it was suppose to be in the 50's today. 50's never came. It was kind of surreal riding down the back roads with all the leaves off the trees and seeing all the hunters in their blaze orange sitting, dreaming for their buck. Then they see us come zipping along and wonder what the hell is wrong with us.

I will be honest, I was afraid of being mistaken for a deer. We got on some dirt road cutting through the forest and all I could think about is the fact that we are moving through the forest slowly and are about the same size as a deer. Granted deer don't have an exhaust noise coming out of them but you would be surprised at how fast sound can dissipate in the forest.

None the less we made it without being shot and cranked another 100 miles on for the season.

I finally broke my second goal for the year. My first was to get 5000 miles on the KLR before the end of the riding season. That came and went pretty fast so I upped it to 6000 miles. That came today. Not bad considering I got the bike at the end of July. I know some Harley's that didn't see 1000 miles all season.

Between all my bikes I probably put 10000 to 12000 miles on this year so far. I still have the rest of this month before the year is over.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

80 Miles in 30 Degree Weather

Went out this morning before the rain came in. It was a nice ride even with it being so cold, the wind was light. I got another Rustic Road under my belt, I think that is 18 now only 85 to go.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

26 Degrees and 35 miles

After work I got a bug to go for a ride. It is the coldest ride I have taken this year so far. It really was a nice ride but I could have used some heated socks and gloves plus something to keep the wind out of my helmet but even that wasn't too bad. It probably would have been better if the sun was out but I really couldn't complain. I just jumped on the freeway for a while so I was dealing with the cold at 75+ mph. I am sure if I would have stuck with the back roads it would have been much warmer.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

100+ miles in the middle of November... Not bad

Went for a cruise this afternoon. Mid 50's for a temp and it turned out really nice. Hit some rustic roads, saw a ton of turkeys everywhere. I got introduced to a new road with a wicked set of curves.

I still want to make it to Minoqua this year to get some damn popcorn.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Future trips

What I would like to see for my future trips in no particular order except the planned trips.

  1. East Coast / Nova Scotia / Niagara falls (Planned May 28th 2012)
  2. Lake Superior Tour (Planned July 28th 2012)
  3. Colorado and Dakotas
  4. T.W.A.T. Beginning to end
  5. T.A.T.
  6. Arctic Circle
  7. West Coast
  8. South America
  9. European tour
  10. Love to say I rode all 50 states

That's all I got for now.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Afternoon Ride

Went for a ride this afternoon. Even though it was too early and too cold and I was too tired to ride this morning, I am lucky enough to get out of work early on Fridays so I could enjoy an afternoon ride. I didn't go too far, but did get lost on some crazy farmer road. There were all these strange forks in the road and when I finally turned around at a dead end I couldn't find my way back out. Every turn I took led me back to another dead end. Now I am sure I missed something along the way but as far as I was concerned, I was stuck in the matrix.

To the farmer that was plowing the field that I cut across, I apologize and would not regularly do that but in this case I had no real alternative.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter... time of dreams and plans.

So it is November 1st. Riding time is becoming shorter and further apart. I haven't had the bike out in over a week now. Every night before bed I think I might ride to work the next morning. The next morning it is in the low 30's and pitch black out causing me to lose any interest in riding. I need to force myself to ride. I didn't ride today and now it is in the 60's out there which would make for a perfect ride home. Friday looks like a high of 49 and sunny, maybe that day will be a good ride.

My weekends have been busy or raining, I just can't win.

I have been planning a couple of trips for next year so I will tell you about them.

At the end of May (Memorial weekend) I would like to get out to the east coast New Jersey and then north up to Nova Scotia then back west through Niagara Falls and home. It would be about 3800 miles and I would like to do it in about 8 days. Probably not going to happen as that would be an average of 475 miles a day which would give me no time to enjoy anything. So we will see what spring brings. I am either going to have to cut it to east coast states and home or Nova Scotia and home.

The next trip is planned for the end of July to ride around Lake Superior. This trip would be 1900 miles and approximately 6 to 7 days. Right now it is confirmed that it will be me and two other riders but could be up to five riders total but doubtful. My nephew and I have been talking about doing this trip for about three years now and just never got around to it.