Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 2. TWAT... Kind Of.

Day 2.

We are in Cornucopia WI.

Well this morning was cold and wet and foggy also. The rain started up again around 2:30 a.m. We headed out around 7am, and checked out the view from the park which was fog but quite pleasant.

View From Park

From the park we went and hit some switch backs on Hwy 33 which were fun but would have been even better on a dry day. We rode quite a few miles on pavement, finding a cow along the way, before we found any of the dirt trails which were just gravel roads.


We rode till about noon before the weather started to clear. We rode the gravel roads and ATV trails ( I dumped it on the ATV trail) until we got to Thorp.


Butler Town Hall


Watching the GPS and looking at maps we really felt like we were getting no where fast. After talking with my nephews in Thorp we decided to jump on Hwy 13 and run that for a while just to get some miles behind us. We figured an hour or two on the hwy and then jump back on the trail.


Well a few hours later we were at the ore dock in Ashland.

Ore Dock Ashland

Looking at the map we would have had to go a long way out of our way to get back on the trail so we just took 13 up to Cornucopia stopping in Washburn at a campground and securing ourselves a site for the night. The campgrounds were all RV style sites and didn't really fit what we were looking for with our tenting but it was better to have a crappy site than have no site at all. We then rode up through Bayfield and almost into Cornucopia I see the trail appear on my GPS so with a quick turn north on to another dirt road we headed for the end of the trail. The trail ended at the northern most point of WI so we got some pictures up there and found a campground.

Northern Most Spot in WI

The camp was strange to say the least. After riding around the grounds a couple of times we couldn't figure out how to pay for a site or if they had firewood on hand. We stopped and talked to a couple who were camping there and they also didn't know how to pay for a site so they were camping for free. We asked them about firewood and they told us that they bought some from the other campers. We quickly decided that this wasn't the place for us to camp and got back on the road. Just outside of Cornucopia we found a nicer camp site that had some firewood and 1 tent spot left open so we took it.


The firewood was more like crumbs at the bottom of a box but there was enough to keep us going for a while. Our neighbors to the left had a tent set up no more than 15 feet away from mine, while Isaiah had neighbors to his right about 25 feet away.  Our neighbors on the right came back first and were cooking dinner and a while later popping corks getting a bit buzzed up. I thought for sure we would be listening to sexy time from them.

Our neighbors on the left came home shortly before we were hitting the sack for the night. They were there for about ten minutes when sounds of a bear came roaring from their tent. It was the man snoring already. His snoring was so loud that I was having laughing fits in my tent all by myself and worried that they would hear me. It is clear what I am laughing at since my laughing follows his every snore.