Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rustic Roads WI

There are 108 roads in Wisconsin that are considered "Rustic Roads" as you can see on the DOT website. On their website they have .PDF files with information on the Rustic Roads in each quarter of the state along with each county of each quarter. I found out tonight that their maps are not very good at getting you to the start and end of each rustic road. They offer a rustic roads award program. If you travel 10 of the roads you are eligible for a Rustic Roads Motorcycle Tour Patch. If you travel 25 Rustic Roads you are qualified for a special state certificate. You can see the awards program details here.

I thought this is a good idea and figured I would start collecting pictures of my bike in front of the signs beginning with the roads that are in my area. I went after my first one tonight and let me tell you that the maps provided are less than suitable for quick and easy findings of these roads.

So I am going to start remapping the roads on Google Maps as I do the roads and then post a link here for access to the roads. I don't think I will be doing all 108 roads anytime soon but as I do them I will find the starting and ending of each one and post a small review of the road.