Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random Saturday Ride

This morning I jumped on the bike at 7 am for a ride. I went out Hwy 33 and getting close to Beaver Dam I saw that they are building more windmills. So I stopped in for a closer look.

After that I planned on heading up to Wildcat Mountain State Park to ride the switchbacks of Hwy 33. That plan changed when I got into a small town called Hillsboro and accidentally took a wrong turn onto Hwy 80 South. At first I didn't even notice, the road was quite similar to Hwy 33 but after traveling for 30 or so miles I did notice that my shadow was in the wrong place. I pulled over to check a map and figure out what I did wrong. When I pulled over I saw this.

I checked my phone and found that I had gone about an hour out of my way to the switchbacks. I was disappointed but really didn't feel like backtracking to get to them. I punched La Crosse into the GPS and it suggested that I continue on 80 South to County Road D. I relieved myself, had a smoke and continued to D. This was one of the best mistakes I have made in a while. D was just a beautiful ride. It was curvy, cutting through hills, real back roads with hardly any traffic except the occasional horse buggy of the Amish. I was probably on the road for a good hour or so and I was still disappointed when it ended. I jumped on 14 and headed into La Crosse to visit a friend of mine.

After meeting with my buddy I headed back south to 90 and cut over to Minnesota. My plan was to ride the river on the Minnesota side down to Iowa. I got accorss and headed down by La Cressent.

When I got to La Cressent I missed the turn for 16 South and ended up going back across the river into the southside of La Crosse. Again with a bit of disappointment I continued on 35 South down the river on the Wisconsin side. I got down by Lansing Iowa and was able to cross over again. The bridge at Lansing is the worst bridge for motorcycles with knobby tires.

Once I was on the Iowa side I continued down to Praire du Chen to cross back over to Wisconsin. I really wish I would have stayed on the west side of the river. I have ridden down the east side many times and while it is a beautiful ride I would have liked to experience the west side. From Lansing to the crossing in Prarie du Chein was a wonderful experience and I feel that the entire ride would have been like that.

I crossed back over and got onto 60 east to start the trek home. 60 east was an alright ride but didn't really do it for me. I came upon Hwy 80 and decided to take that north, if nothing else I could take it back to where I got off of 33 in Hillsboro. While traveling on 80 I came across my good friend County Road D.I was so tempted to jump on it and ride further north west just to do it but then I found the D South. Again just a great road to travel on. I rode D over to Hwy 58 and 58 back to Hwy 33. From Hwy 33 I tried taking a shortcut and ended up running all the way up to Waupun. A bit out of the way. I zig zagged my way back down home and ended my trip 12.5 hours after I started with a total of 502 miles.