Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter... time of dreams and plans.

So it is November 1st. Riding time is becoming shorter and further apart. I haven't had the bike out in over a week now. Every night before bed I think I might ride to work the next morning. The next morning it is in the low 30's and pitch black out causing me to lose any interest in riding. I need to force myself to ride. I didn't ride today and now it is in the 60's out there which would make for a perfect ride home. Friday looks like a high of 49 and sunny, maybe that day will be a good ride.

My weekends have been busy or raining, I just can't win.

I have been planning a couple of trips for next year so I will tell you about them.

At the end of May (Memorial weekend) I would like to get out to the east coast New Jersey and then north up to Nova Scotia then back west through Niagara Falls and home. It would be about 3800 miles and I would like to do it in about 8 days. Probably not going to happen as that would be an average of 475 miles a day which would give me no time to enjoy anything. So we will see what spring brings. I am either going to have to cut it to east coast states and home or Nova Scotia and home.

The next trip is planned for the end of July to ride around Lake Superior. This trip would be 1900 miles and approximately 6 to 7 days. Right now it is confirmed that it will be me and two other riders but could be up to five riders total but doubtful. My nephew and I have been talking about doing this trip for about three years now and just never got around to it.