Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lake Superior

I have been spending a lot of time on the planning of the Lake Superior tour. Right now I am looking at this to be the "Trip of 2012" even though I am looking at Nova Scotia in the spring.

The entire ride around the lake should take about six days but we are leaving plenty of time in there for exploring so the current figure is about eight or nine days.

We will be taking the bikes off the beaten path to explore everything from ghost towns to abandoned cabooses lost in the forest. Two of the bikes will be dual sport and two will be street bikes so we're not sure how far off the beaten path we will be getting but we'll try our best. The big plus is that the two street bikes will be ridden by the guys with the most experience of riding off road with street bikes. Of course they also have the most motorcycle accidents of the group.

South America

So the South America planning accidentally started last night. That doesn't really mean much considering that it will take two to three years to get to a complete plan. Does that mean 2013 or 14 you will see me writing my way through South America? Maybe, who knows what kinds of twists life will throw between now and then.

What will it look like? Here is a rough sketch of the ride.

Total ride should be around 26000 miles and take between 70 to 90 days.

The biggest challenge this early in the planning is finding a flight over the Darien Gap. This is the where the PanAm highway stops in Panama and the Jungle begins. While I find that it would be a fun ride to go through the jungle and it has been done before by motorcycle, the jungle is full of bandits and drug runners. Even if you take the danger of being kidnapped out of the scenario it would add a good seven to ten days on to the trip to trans two hundred miles of unforgiving jungle providing everything goes great. I can't even fathom breaking down in the middle of that mess.

We have found that there is a flight from Panama city to Bogota Colombia for about $400 per person and bike and the flight is only a few hours. Otherwise we could go by boat. Cargo ships come and go from Panama every seven to ten days so we could end up waiting up to twenty days for a ship to arrive and take us. After that it is five or more days at sea to get to Colombia. A flight sounds much nicer even if it is a cargo plane full of chickens.

We'll see what comes of all this silly talk.