Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bike is Torn Down

So with the first snow finally here I figured it was a good time to tear the bike apart and see what needs to be done.

I started with pulling the valve cover to check the clearance. I found two of the four out of whack. Then since I had it pulled apart that far I figured I might as well dig into the "doohickey" as the call it, it is actually the "Balancer idle lever". They have a problem with these going bad in the 07' and earlier bikes. The 08' and newer bikes have a better doohickey but the spring is too long. I ordered the new doohickey before I got too far into the bike because I didn't have a rotor puller. Since I had to order a bunch of other crap I also ordered a new doohickey and springs.

Once I got the parts I pulled the rotor and found that yes in fact the spring was quite loose. Since I had it pulled apart this far I just put the whole kit in even though the stock doo is fine the new one was a bit beefier.

Now I am waiting on one more shim and the bike should be back together on the engine side. I would like to replace the rear spring in it to relieve some of the sag the bike gets when I load it up with gear.