Tuesday, February 7, 2012

KLR is Finished Again

Chain and sprockets are all installed ready to go. I was tempted to put the tire and tube on right away but I know I can burn more off the tire I have. Plus we want to try a practice run of changing a tire on the side of the road.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally All KLR Parts are Here

So I finally have everything. The chain, sprockets, tire, and tube all showed up today while I was at work. My garage is starting to look like a work shop again, I have a 1976 Honda CB500T tore apart on one side and now I have the KLR tore apart again on the other side.

The Honda is getting a new head gasket and I accidentally bought a gasket kit for it on ebay from Japan. I don't have a problem with it being from ebay or from Japan but the time it takes to get from Japan is insane. I am looking at 12 to 20 days to get it. So I ordered just the head gasket from a guy in Iowa that I am hoping to see this weekend and then I can at least get the head put back on and the engine back in the frame. Once the gasket kit from Japan arrives I can put the rest back together. I'm also waiting for a cam chain master link for it and a fancy new universal chain tool that will work on all chains. The last chain tool I had was for bicycles and I have no idea where it is but I am willing to bet that it would work great on a cam chain. So I am hoping that I will be able to have the bike put back together most the way next weekend. Motorcycle show might get in the way a bit.

I got pretty far on the KLR. Rear wheel is off and the new rear sprocket is on. I got the old chain cut off. Then I ran into an issue that I didn't think about beforehand. Per the service manual "to get the front sprocket off put the motorcycle in gear with the rear wheel and loosen the lock nut". Great instructions if I would have read them before pulling the rear wheel off. So my new plan is I have placed a socket wrench on the rotor bolt and rest the wrench handle on the crash  bar. Hopefully that will get it off. I also didn't have the proper socket wrench and it is too tight to get at with a open end or crescent wrench so I had to borrow one. Note to self, buy a 27mm socket. I should have the whole mess finished tomorrow night.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Twisted Throttle Bags

So my bags from twistedthrottle.com are on back order and they are expecting them to ship on the 20th... of March. Good thing I live in the Midwest where I won't be doing any big rides till the end of March or even April. Unless of course the weather holds up like it has been then I may be doing a weekend tour in the beginning of March. Still not that big of a deal as the only reason I ordered the bags is for a camping trip where Kari will be coming with me and I will need the extra packing space.

KLR is Back Together

I finally got the bike back together today. Engine is running better than ever. I also got the rear spring in and what a difference that made! The bike actually sits level even with the spring set at 1. Once I start loading it with gear I am sure I will have to bump it up to two or three. I took it out for around 50 miles or so and everything about it was great. The motor sounded quieter and the suspension felt solid. Now I am just waiting for the chain and sprockets to show up. Also the rear tire and tube but I don't have any plans to put that on yet.

Some of the roads we were on today were typical gravel roads but today they were muddy and you could feel just below the mud was ice. It was enough to get your nerves going and I did feel like I was going to put the bike down once but all in all it was fun. I really need to get on roads like that more so I can get used to them. I find myself riding really stiff and I know that is wrong but I can't ride the roads enough to get myself to relax a bit more on them. Of course it doesn't help when your riding partner is whipping around on a little XT350 and is very good in the off road elements. He is planning to get a Versys soon so hopefully that will help me keep up with him on the back roads.