Saturday, February 4, 2012

KLR is Back Together

I finally got the bike back together today. Engine is running better than ever. I also got the rear spring in and what a difference that made! The bike actually sits level even with the spring set at 1. Once I start loading it with gear I am sure I will have to bump it up to two or three. I took it out for around 50 miles or so and everything about it was great. The motor sounded quieter and the suspension felt solid. Now I am just waiting for the chain and sprockets to show up. Also the rear tire and tube but I don't have any plans to put that on yet.

Some of the roads we were on today were typical gravel roads but today they were muddy and you could feel just below the mud was ice. It was enough to get your nerves going and I did feel like I was going to put the bike down once but all in all it was fun. I really need to get on roads like that more so I can get used to them. I find myself riding really stiff and I know that is wrong but I can't ride the roads enough to get myself to relax a bit more on them. Of course it doesn't help when your riding partner is whipping around on a little XT350 and is very good in the off road elements. He is planning to get a Versys soon so hopefully that will help me keep up with him on the back roads.