Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting Ready For Memorial Day Week

I know I have been talking about Nova Scotia a lot and how I am going to buzz out there around Memorial Day week, well that has changed. Now I could have still gone but time constraints have caused me to choose a shorter route. I have a kitchen that is half torn apart and no time to work on it so I am going to cut my trip in half. Where are we going you ask? Well, I am still aiming for Canada but west instead of east. I will be leaving Friday mid day and returning home Tuesday or Wednesday.

Still camping without reservations which should be fun to figure out. I have a couple of spots in Wisconsin that I have called upon friends but once I am out of Wisconsin I have nothing. The theory here is that it isn't Memorial Day in Canada so all we have to do is stay in Wisconsin the first night and make it to Canada the second night. Simple right? Well there is one other small hiccup, I don't want to enter Canada from Ontario because we will be in Ontario in July. We are going to cross Minnesota and enter Canada at Manitoba. Then the plan is to head west through  Saskatchewan, Alberta, nic into British Columbia, head south into Montana, then back west through the Dakotas, Minnesota, and finally back home. Do we have enough time to do that? Probably not. We are going to head west till we run out of time and then head back.

Stay tuned, this weekend I will be packing the bike for a test pack.