Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Slimy Crud Run

So we went to the Slimy Crud Run on Sunday and it poured pretty much the entire time we were on the bikes. We ran to Pine Bluff from Richfield and it started raining about thirty minutes into the ride. Rained on us all the way to Pine Bluff. Once we got there it stopped but you could tell that the rain kept away all the fair weather riders. There were quite a few bikes there but nothing like last year.

After grabbing a bite to eat (read wet soggy burgers) we decided to head up to Leland, of course as soon as we had our riding gear on it started pouring on us again. Thunder, Lightning, rain, wind, hail, it all showed up for us. Again I failed to take a lot of pictures at the meet ups but here are the few I took in Leland.

After hanging out in Leland for about an hour we headed home. The ride home for the most part was pleasant but of course the rain had to get us one more time about thirty miles out.

Almost 300 miles in the pouring rain was a nice challenge and I did enjoy it. I do need to find a way to keep my hands dryer as the water seems to run down my sleeve into my gloves and then back up my arms. Also my $300.00 Areostich pants failed to keep my ass dry so I am going to try some seam seal on the crotch.

It was a good test for the up coming trip to Canada, hopefully it won't rain much but if it does I know what to expect.