Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update on the Aux. Lights

So I bit the bullet and purchased a set of the PIAA 520 LED lights. I bought a set off ebay for $175.00 compared to the $190.00. Yes, I saved $15.00 by buying used. I almost came to regret it. I got them wired in and all was well... for five minutes. Then one decided to burn out. Being that I bought them used I couldn't warrenty them so I decided to try to take it apart and see if it was something I could fix. Getting a sealed beam light apart proved to be a bigger challenge than I was up for. I got the screws out and beat on it for a while with no luck. Finally, after doing everything I could to be sure that the warrenty was voided I decided to call PIAA and see if they had any suggestions. The guy on the phone told me to send it in and they would replace it. When I explained how I attempted to take it apart he asked me how far I got, laughed when I told him, explained that is about how far he got also, and gave me an address to send it to for the replacement.

With in two weeks I had a new working light.

So my advice for you is, if you are looking for a set of driving lights get the PIAA. They stand behind their product