Sunday, June 17, 2012

Door County Camping

My wife and I decided to go on a camping trip with the bike. We started packing on Thursday to be ready for leaving Friday. I decided to take the truck to work so I could leave the bike a mess. Friday afternoon I got home and we finished up our packing. While the bike looked the same as it would on a solo trip, I had absolutely no room left anywhere on the bike if we picked anything up along the way. Isaiah and Becky met us at the house around 4:00 pm Friday and we headed for Peninsula State Park in Door County, Wisconsin.

I was so afraid that it was going to be the most uncomfortable ride ever because of all the gear plus Kari on the back but surprisingly we were perfectly fine. I was actually giddy from how comfortable it was. If I could change one thing about the position of the passenger, it would be where their feet are. When I would have to walk the bike in a parking lot or behind traffic at a stop sign I would have to take baby steps or my calves would hit Kari in the toe. It gives the same sensation of getting a shoelace stuck on a foot peg, an awkward "I'm going to fall over" feeling.

The ride to Peninsula State Park was great and our timing worked out perfectly so we were able to arrive right before dark. By the time we had our tents set up and our fire started it was pitch dark. On Saturday we went for a hike, then we went into Fish Creek for lunch and some window shopping. Then we bummed around the campground for a while before going for another hike. It was weird, we didn't look at a clock all day and it made the day seem really long, which was a great feeling.

On Sunday we slowly packed up our bikes and started the journey back home. The ride home is never as exciting as the ride there. We actually jumped on the freeway for a while just to blow some miles. We really had a great weekend though.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vintage Bike Races

We almost didn't go. I called my nephew and told him to come down for the races. After I set it up for him to come down I find out that the races are $30.00 a ticket to get in. It would be one thing if it was Super Bike but these are a bunch of old bikes slowly making their way around the track. Once my nephew and his girlfriend got here I mentioned that we might not go and that is was expensive for what we were going to see. I could sense the disappointment when I mentioned not going so I decided to suck it up and go anyways. I will be honest, I was not disappointed. The races were great, the weather was hot but we easily got shaded areas to sit, and there was plenty to see and do besides the racing portion of it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Super Bike Races

We went up to the Super Bike races in Elkhart Lake this weekend. We all met for breakfast at a local restaurant and then headed up. We had great riding weather for it and it was a nice ride through the Kettle Moraine to get there. It was $45.00 a ticket and I went up to get two for Kari and I. I thought about grabbing two more for Isaiah and Becky but I figured the line wasn't long at all so they could just grab them. As I finished up and was about to walk away, a guy approached Isaiah and handed him two tickets for nothing. $90.00 for two tickets and he just hands them off. That was about the most exciting part of the day aside from the races, but I'm not going to explain all that so enjoy some pictures!

I was testing the zoom capability of my camera... Nothing more.