Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Trip Day 5

Day 5
Last day. It feels like I blinked and it was here, we were going to be home before the day ended. Funny thing about the last day is that you are sad that the trip is over but at the same time excited to be home again. The thought of sleeping in your own bed is the best thought in the world sometimes. Both of us were being late risers and late packers, so we decided a nice walk in the park would be good for us. There was a sign for the In Yan Teopa rock that we saw, so we started hiking to check it out. Found the lookout point and took a couple of pictures of this rock.

There was a trail heading down towards the river that we thought might be fun. So we made our way down the treacherous face of this steep hill and came to the bottom. It was your basic river shore. 

Then we had to climb back up this hill, no, cliff. We didn’t have rock climbing gear but we were going to have to get back up there somehow. It was some of the roughest stairs I have ever had to climb.

It took us three breaks to get to the top. Three quarters back to the top and we got a different view of the rock which made a much better sight.

 Back at camp we are both sweaty and looking forward to getting on the bikes. 
Our original plan was to follow the Mississippi River all the way down on the Minnesota side to Prairie Du Chen, then cross over to Wisconsin and head home. We stopped at a lock on the river to checked it out and decided to head into La Crosse, WI, for some lunch. By the time we were done with lunch we were both ready to head straight home. We stopped at the Guadalupe Church on our way out of La Crosse. It was interesting but a little too much religion pushing from the lady at the front desk.

The rest of the day was spent plugging miles away. We jumped on the freeway to head down to Portage. Stopping in Portage we ran into a guy who started telling us about his adventures on his own KLR. We chatted for a half hour or so while drinking a couple of cokes. 

After that we didn’t stop again until we got home.