Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lake Superior Tour Day 2

Today was off to a rough start.

We headed out fairly early and started around the lake. We stopped in Washburn to say hello to Mary who wasn't feeling well but I knew she would appreciate it if we stopped in. While we were riding I was playing with my GPS and found that I had made a grave mistake, I had put all the way points into one route and the GPS can only handle 50 way points per route After that we headed up through Bayfield and stopped in Cornicopia where I talked to Kari to see if she could help me with the GPS issue. Isaiah took some pictures while waiting for me to get off the phone.

Pictures From Cornicopia

 After my phone call we headed over to Herbster to see my mom and aunt. After catching up to them at the coffee shop in town I hunted around for a laptop to use. As I was getting ready to head to my cousins house to use his computer I saw a lady with a laptop. Computers are a rare thing is these parts of the woods. I borrowed her laptop and attempted to load the maps that Kari repaired for me and tossed in my Dropbox. I had no luck getting them loaded. I didn't want to install the software on this strangers computer and couldn't get the maps to load from the SD card. So a lesson to you all, check your maps before you leave the house. I didn't and I came to regret it.

Luckily I was able to jump way point to way point. I just continued doing that for the trip.

I said my goodbyes to my mom and aunt and we headed off to Duluth / Superior. It finally felt like we were on the trip.

Getting into Superior WI we came on to an Ore Dock.

We didn't get very close up to this one but enjoyed it from afar.

After that we headed to a place called The Anchor Bar which is supposed to have the best burgers in the area.

The burger was good, the fries were not and the service was nonexistent. It was like they forgot we were there.

From there we headed to Duluth to our next stop Enger Tower. We ended up on this amazing road on our way there.

On to Enger Tower

From Enger Tower we started our way up The North Shore Scenic Dr.

We came across this old run down church on the side of the road.

We came into Two Harbors MN and found another Ore Dock, an old boat that is now a museum, and some trains on display. One of the trains was your average old west style train and the other one was... Huge.

I told you it was huge
 After Two Rivers we swung into Betty's Pies and were disappointed, it turned out to be some big corporation looking place that none of us were interested in seeing. So then we set off to Split Rock Lighthouse.

We rode though a couple of tunnels on our way there, the first tunnel had a accident on the other side of it so we got a real slow tour of it. Here is a short video I shot of it

The second tunnel we were able to ride though normally so I took some pictures of it as we went through. Doug's CBR's exhaust was the best in both tunnels.

 We were running short on daylight and found out we have to pay to see the Split Rock lighthouse so this is the only picture I have of it and we moved on.

There was supposed to be a sign post that had the postings of city's and their country's along with the mileage to them at the next spot but we couldn't find it and instead found a nice lookout.

After that we passed a Ore Mine and found a lookout for it. We were a little disappointed because we couldn't tell exactly what was going on at the mine or how the operation worked.

At this lookout is where we started to get rained on. We headed off to find a place to camp for the night. The first campground we came across wouldn't let us have more that two tents at a site and of course they only had one site left. The lady suggested that we bunk up in one tent but that just wasn't going to work for us. I knew nobody wanted to share a tent with me and my stinky motorcycle feet and I am sure they were all thinking the same thing. We asked for a suggestion on where to go and she pointed us to Eckbeck Park.

It was a nice campground with an artisan well for water which was really nice. The lady from the camp that wouldn't take us failed to let us know that we would have to buy firewood from her so Isaiah had to run back for the wood.