Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lake Superior Tour This Saturday

Getting ready for the Lake Superior tour. Here is our plan so far.

Not a very exciting map but it gives you an idea. We are leaving Saturday and returning the following Saturday so 8 days and 7 nights to do a trip that would typically take us 3 days.

The bike maintenance is finished and all my gear is spread all over the living room.

I did get a couple of new things for this trip.

First off I got the Wolfman Rainier tank bag. I lost the rain cover for my Cortech tank bag somewhere in North Dakota so I contacted Cortech/Tourmaster and asked where to get a new one. After a week of no answer I decided I better make a desision so I ordered the Wolfman. The same day that my Wolfman was dropped off by UPS my rain cover for my Cortech also showed up in the mail. While it was very nice of Cortech to send me a new cover with no charge, it cost me almost $200.00 because I had no idea that they were going to send me one and I panicked.

The Wolfman is great, it is big and offers plenty of storage pockets all around it. I was disappointed that I had to order the rain cover separate but even the rain cover is well thought out and I don't think I have to worry it blowing off. I always had magnetic mount bags because I thought the strap mount would be too awkward for fueling but it pops up with a couple clips. It is actually quicker than the magnetic bag.

The second thing I bought for this trip is Under Armour underwear. At $20.00 a pair I was skeptical but I jumped right in and bought 5 pair. They are great. While I haven't had much saddle time with them I have been wearing them everyday and I can tell you one thing, they are keeping me cool and dry 'down there'. I have a couple of pairs of riding shorts and I wore one pair on the Iron Butt ride. While they worked great, once I got home I found out that they don't wick sweat away and actually hold it in. The sides of my legs literally had a days worth of sweat on them once I took the shorts off.

They are also very thin and pack much smaller than regular cotton underwear or padded riding shorts.

Tonight I removed the sap from the rain cover for my tent. I used dish soap and it seemed to take it off but I will find out tomorrow when it is dry.

I think I have everything ready, just a matter of packing it all up.