Friday, August 3, 2012

Lake Superior Tour Day 7

Well, today we didn't know what to do with ourselves. We were in Michigan and we had so much to see with little time to do it. We technically had through Sunday to ride but we all wanted to be home by Saturday for the Rockerbox motorcycle rally in Milwaukee. All the things we wanted to see in the UP were hours away. We decided that the UP was going to be another adventure and we pointed our bikes towards home.

Back in Grand Marais we see this dog roaming towards us. Hobbling along I assumed he was a stray in need of food and water. I attempted to give him some water and Doug tried to give him a piece of his Pop Tart but the dog wanted nothing of it. It turns out that this dog makes his rounds every morning through the town getting treats. He has many stops this gas station being one of them.

After getting his treat from the gas station he hobbles across the street to the brewery to see if anyone is there. If no one is there he moseys on to his next stop.

This picture was taken at the point of Grand Marais. We zipped up there to take a look and then headed our way home.

On our way home Isaiah knew we were going right past his parents old cabin so we stopped in to take a look at it.

All said and done we did 1881 miles from home to home.

It was by far one of the greatest trips in my life and I plan on doing it again someday to see what else I can find. If you ever have the chance to do it don't hesitate, just go.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lake Superior Tour Day 6

We started off our morning by riding down to Suite Sault Marie on Canada's side towards the Bushplane Museum. On our way we stopped at a few tourist gift shops desperate to find something for our wives. We kind of failed on that job. Here we have been in Canada for six days and are now starting to look for gifts.

One of my favorite planes in this world is the Dehaviland Beaver, Sadly we weren't allowed in it.

I am pretty sure we were not supposed to open the door to the cockpit and sit in it but they should lock the doors.

Doug exits planes like a rock star.

From the Bushplane museum we headed across the border to Michigan. Crossing the border here is a large pain in the rear. We spent an hour on the bridge getting across. It was nice to be going slow at first because it gave us opportunity to enjoy the sites and snap some pictures.

After awhile it just got plain boring and we just wanted it over with.

Riding along I saw this coffee shop that advertised ice cream. I was craving ice cream so I pulled in. One of the best decisions on the trip. Best food hands down. She asked us what we wanted off the grill and literally went out on the front porch and fired up the grill to cook it. It truly was homemade food.

Random picture of my bike after I dumped it on a fire road.

This is one of the few lighthouses that you can go up in along the trip. Sadly the bussed in a lot of retires and we would have been waiting hours to get to the top.

Here is the abandoned airfield we found along the way.

The video quality is horrible, we mounted the camera on Doug's bike (being the fastest) but his mirror that we mounted it to was loose so the video shakes a lot.

Our campsite for the night. We rode all the way into Grand Marais to find a campground. As it turned out the we already passed the best spot 15 minutes prior to coming into Grand Marais and we ended up backtracking after an hour or so of digging around looking for sites.

Turned out to be a great place. There were only a couple of other campers in the there, we were camping right by a river, and plenty of free firewood to be taken... without permission.