Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Ride for a Sailboat

My brother Eric wanted to go take a look at a sailboat today. So we jumped on the bikes and headed out for what we were hoping would be a nice ride. We left my house around 6:30 am and headed towards the western side of the state. My plan was to head west to the Mississippi and then north up 35 which is one of my favorite routes in Wisconsin. We made a few stops along the way for gas and food, I soon realized that we were running short on time. I had to head north towards the freeway and pound some miles off. We jumped on 90/94 for 111 miles to get to Hudson Wi around 1:00 pm. When we got to the boat I was shaking from the cold and knew I had early signs of hypothermia. I pulled out my phone to check the weather and it was still in the low 40's. Thankfully though the high for the day wasn't supposed to be until around 4:00 p.m. so we still had a chance at enjoying the ride.

We checked out the boat for about an hour.

That is Eric on the phone.

We headed back out around 2:00 pm. The sun came out and it was warming up nicely. We headed down to 35 to ride along the river.

We stopped for gas and it was getting late in the day. We knew we would have to push it down the freeway if we were going to get home at any sort of reasonable hour. We hopped across the river to the Minnesota side where the speed limit is 70 and hammered down that to La Crosse Wi.

I snapped a couple of photos at the La Crosse wayside so I can send them to a couple of people I know in the area to let them know I was in their town.

Self Photos never turn out very nice.

We jumped on the freeway from La Crosse to Portage to kill some miles down to Portage. Almost to the exit for Portage and now colder and dark out I notice that it is especially dark in front of me. Once off the freeway I flipped off my fog lights and sure enough I was in complete darkness. Headlight burnt out. At the gas station I look over the situation and decide that rather than take the entire front of the bike off to swap headlights I would just run with my fog lights and brights on. We only had an hour and a half left. We rode into Portage and stopped at a diner for some dinner. After that we got on the road and hammered out the rest of the miles. I only saw one deer on the ride standing in the ditch. As long as I didn't see one in front of me I was happy. We made it home, cold but in one piece.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Honda CB550 Tear Down!

My winter project got started a little early this year. I cleaned the garage up in preparation for the project today and then things got a little out of hand. I started by moving the bike to the middle of the garage and removing the simple things like the tank, seat, side covers, etc.

The pictures tell the rest of the story.

I'll update it again once more progress is made. Just getting the engine cleaned up for paint.