Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bike is Still in Pieces

Yep, the bike is still in pieces and will be that way for another couple of weeks. I got the last shim for it last week. As you know I put a new doohickey in and closed up the left side of the bike. I was putting the finishing touches on the cams when I realized that the cam chain guard didn't fit with the oil line that runs between the cam brackets. I took off the left exhaust bracket and that is when it happened. All I saw was a glimpse of something metal and heard '"tink, tink, tink" as the piece fell... where did it fall? Right into the engine. It was the dowel that fits into the bracket. With a flashlight and a magnet on a stick I went fishing for about an hour. I realized that I wasn't going to be lucky enough to get it without pulling the left side apart.

When I did the doohickey I only ordered the doohickey and a generator cover gasket thinking that I would only have to take of the outer cover. as it turned out I needed to pull the inner cover as well. I also didn't have a replacement rotor bolt and you are supposed to replace it every time you take it out. When I put the left side back together I used the original bolt and both the original gaskets.

So I pull the generator cover off and still have no luck finding this dowel. I end up pulling the rotor and the inner cover. Finally I found it! But now my bike is back to square one. I was not going to attempt to use that rotor bolt again as my friend Isaiah who has been helping with this whole endeavor was scared to death to torque it up the last time for fear it would break. So I have ordered a new bolt and inner cover gasket. This time I will put the bike back together properly. This weekend we are going out of town fishing so it will have to get done the next weekend.

Always plan for your repairs, I started mine on a whim because I was watching TV and someone was working on their bike so afterwards I decided to go out to the garage and pull mine apart. It started with the valve check and then grew. I had nothing in stock to do this project nor did I have any sort of plan. Now it has been four weeks that the bike has been sitting open and with be another week or so before it gets finished.

I ordered my rear spring from Top Gun motorcycles. That is also in the mail. Only maintenance I have left after that is a new chain, rear tire and maybe the front fork springs. Then it is a matter of waiting for the snow to melt off the roads.