Monday, January 30, 2012

Ordered More Parts

I am hoping to have the bike back together this weekend. Last night I ordered a new rear tire IRC GP-110 which are the same tires I had before. When I bought the bike it needed new tires and already had the GP-110's on it so I went with those again. i currently have about 4000 miles on them and I probably can get another 1000+ out of the rear before changing it so I won't change it for a while, I just wanted to have one on hand. I also ordered a new tube for it. I keep the old tube as a backup on trips and always put a new tube in when I change the tires. My front hardly looks worn so I won't replace that one for a long time yet. I wear back tires out so much quicker because of the weight I carry.

I also ordered a new chain along with a front and rear sprocket. The rear sprocket I left stock but the front I went up one tooth just to bring the rpm's down a bit on the freeway.

Not in the maintenance department but I ordered another tail bag. I already have a GIVI tail bag that I used on a few trips. I also have an aluminum tail box that a friend of mine built for me that I haven't used on a trip yet but I have used it around town a few times. The problem with my current tail bag and box is that they are perfect for me... traveling alone. There is a trip in the plans that my wife Kari will be coming along on. Granted I know I pack too much for myself but even if I skimped on my own packing I wouldn't have enough room for her. So I ordered the Twisted Throttle DrySpec D66 bag system which gives me 66 liters of space compared to the 30 I had with the GIVI. That should be enough for whatever Kari can come up with to pack. Check the bag out, it is pretty sweet and the price is right.

I got the rear spring in. I will be putting that in once I get the motor closed up. I am hoping to get the motor closed up this weekend. Then I can get the rear spring swapped along with the sprockets and chain.