Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kewanee Illinois

So Isaiah bought a new bike yesterday in Kewanee IL. Isaiah and his wife along with Kari drove down to Kewanee and I rode my bike down. The ride down was all freeway and I did get hit with a bit of rain but nothing like what the weather man was talking in the morning. They were calling for hail and strong winds but I caught the tail end of the storm so just a bit of rain for me. We got to the bike in Kewanee, he made the purchase, and we were off and riding.

 We decided to get all back roads since it was a new bike and you don't really learn much from a bike gunning up to 75 mph and cruising for 250 miles. Illinois is the flatest straightest state sometimes. We were on roads for 30 plus minutes just going straight the entire time. I was ready to whip a movie up on Netflix just to keep myself awake. We stopped at this place called DiDough for lunch. We both swore it said Dildough Dogs on the menu but alas it was DiDough Dogs. The best hotdog I have ever had. It was so simple, a hotdog wrapped in soft pretzel dough but it was amazing.

After lunch we got onto an amazing road that curved along what I believe was the Rock River but I can't say for sure. That by far was the best part of the entire ride. We were in that for about an hour before getting close to the border. Then the traffic lights came. It was probably a good two hours of traffic lights that no matter how you went you got stopped at the next one. Got through that and the rest of the ride home was very nice except the part where we were both low on gas and had no idea where the next gas stop was. We made it with plenty of gas left over.

It was good to be home, 450 miles and probably about 10 hours.