Sunday, April 8, 2012

Aux. Lights on a KLR

I put some auxiliary lights on the KLR today. I was torn between paying $190.00 for the PIAA 520 LED fog lights and the $15.00 for some Fleet and Farm fog lights. I went with the $15.00 lights. I wired them up and they look and work great.

The problem is that they are 55w each and the bike doesn't produce enough power to keep up with them. I turn them on and I can watch my battery get sucked dry on the meter. So I ordered a voltage gauge for the bike and once I get that I am going to take the bike for a ride and see if it will continue to drain with the rpm up. I am sure it is going to, so my next option is to downsize the bulbs to 35w each and try again. I'm sure by the time I am all said and done I will have a $15.00 set of fog lights sitting on the shelf and $190.00 set on the bike.