Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Got A Call From My Wife Tonight

I was on my way home tonight and I get a call from my wife, turns out that my bike decided to take a nap in the garage. Of course I did this on purpose to teach everyone out there what not to do. Now, how did it happen you ask?

Well last night I got two different pairs of riding underwear that I ordered. I figured I would order two different pairs from two different companies and see which ones I like better and then order a few more pairs. Of course to know for sure that I like them I have to sit on the bike and check the comfort. I went out to the garage and to sit on the bike properly I jacked it up so it was level. Now, my jack has a safety catch on it in case the pump loses pressure but I always forget to set it. Twice I have left my bike up on the jack only to come in the garage and see it sitting on its side stand. Not this time though, sometime between last night and tonight the jack lost pressure and the bike decided to go the other way.

So, don't leave your bike up on the stand over night without setting the safety catch, or just take it down every night. Maybe this time I learned something but I doubt it.

For fun I made a quick video on the proper way to pick up a bike like you've seen on Youtube a hundred times. It was actually the first time I attempted to pick up a bike using the proper technique and to be honest it worked really well.

After picking it up I was inspecting the bikes damage and also looking for where the oil was running out of it. The physical damage was nothing really a few scrapes but it's a KLR so nothing more than motorcycle makeup. Looking closer at the source of oil I see this.

That piece you see in the second picture there is my gasket behind the clutch side cover. Now, I know that didn't happen from the fall so it has been like that probably since I bought the bike but now that I know about it I will be tearing it down and replacing it.