Sunday, May 20, 2012

Almost Ready To Go!

So tonight I packed up the bike for a test pack. Everything went better than expected. I filled each pannier half full and the base tail bag half full. The upper tail bag I stuffed with all my clothes warm and cold. Here is hoping that the Twisted Throttle tail bag is everything they say it is or I am going to have a lot of wet clothes.

Here is a close up of the Twisted Throttle setup

Here is a rear shot of the bike with the Twisted Throttle bags mounted sideways. I haven't decided which way I prefer them mounted.

I also got the map onto the Garmin. That took a try or two before I got it right. Because I mapped it out originally on Google Maps I really had a hard time getting it to route in the Garmin. You would think that this day in age we would have the capability to throw information around from one gadget to another and everything would be happy but this isn't the case. i had to go from Google Maps to Google Earth to to Mapsource to the Garmin.

Now all I have left to do this week is an oil change and new tires. After that it is just waiting for time to go by. I know I shouldn't wait till the last four days to put tires on but hopefully everything goes well with them.