Sunday, July 1, 2012

Iron Butt = Done!

On Wednesday I shot Isaiah a text, randomly asking if he wanted to go on an Iron Butt ride on Saturday. He took a day to think about it and then agreed to do it. We really had no idea how to go about it but we looked at a map and plotted a course by Friday and decided to wing it from there. Our course took us from Newburg, Wisconsin to Luverne, Minnesota, which from our calculations would be about 505 miles. From there we would turn around and do the same thing back for a total of 1010 miles. Seemed simple enough.

Saturday morning we met at a gas station at 4:30 am, topped off our tanks, and got our receipt with our official starting time of 4:38 am. That was it, we were off. We headed over to the freeway and started burning miles. I wish I could tell you this is where it got exciting, I wish I could fill your head with adventure from our ride, I can't. It went like this, we stopped at a wayside, then we stopped at a gas station, then we stopped at a wayside, and then another gas station. This went on for seventeen and a half hours. Four of those hours were spent at either said wayside or gas station, the rest were spent on the bike droning down the freeway.

We both agreed that we won't be doing another one anytime soon.

I will revisit this once I have the official certificate stating that I completed it.