Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lake Superior Tour Day 5

So it rained last night. Maybe it poured. Maybe it hailed. I don't really know but it was the loudest rain I have ever been in. I woke up to it at 3:00 am and of course I had to urinate. Absolutely pouring outside, so I grabbed my water bottle and dumped it out, cut the top off of it and made it into a urinal. Worked perfectly. I crawled back into my sleeping bag and I am going to enjoy listening to the loudest rain ever in my dry comfortable home. 3:15 am my bowels wake up... and they mean business. Cursing the toilet gods I get my shoes on and am getting ready for the sprint of my life. I get lucky and the rain settles down to a light drizzle. I make my way out of the tent and down to the road. I brought a flashlight but it is so dark out that even the flashlight isn't much help. I get to the road and it is flooded, and now my shoes are wet up to my ankles. Doesn't matter, I need to get to the toilet. Racing down the road I am looking for the trail off to the toilet but I can't seem to find it. Great, I know I have gone too far but I don't know how. Tempted to pound on the camper trailer and beg for the toilet, I decide that I am going to have to make it back to camp, get the toilet paper, and do some business in the woods. Running in a shimmy way begging my sphincter to not give up on me, I am planning my strategy.  With the feeling I have I know it is going to come quick and forcefully. I decide that once I get back to camp I am going to have to strip my pants, underwear, and socks off before finding my final place so I don't get it all over myself, do my business, wash up in the rain, and get back to bed.
Back at camp frantically searching for my "Shit Kit" I see a faint light in the distance through the woods. I look harder at it and realize it is the bathroom light shining under the door. I sprint as fast as I can to the bathroom using every bit of strength to get there before release, it felt like a personal victory when I made it. I was a bit disappointed though while sitting on the toilet when I looked up and there was a Share a book shelf, I didn't grab some reading material.

Went back to camp and had the best few more hours of sleep. Got up in the morning and Isaiah and I are discussing the terrible rain storms of the evening. I tell the story of my poop while we are starting to pack up. Doug wakes up and gets out of his tent, "Wow it is really dewy out here". He never heard the storm, had no idea it ever happened.

We packed up and headed out. Our first stop was a gold mine. Sounded exciting till we got there and it turned out to be a modern strip mine. Not very exciting.

After the gold mine we put on some miles to the town of Wawa.

Wawa is known for this goose. You can see in the above picture Isaiah creeping in the brush photographing some wild hipsters in front of the goose.

Another stop to look at water at Magpie Falls.

Old woman's bay.

I was testing the zoom on my camera.

This is Gargantua Bay. There is a sunk ship here that can be seen from shore but it was a three mile hike in to see it and we were running out of time, so sadly we didn't get to see it.

Agawa Pictograph site. This was a stop that we were looking forward to. Just to be able to see the Pictographs in person was something amazing.

Getting out to them was pretty dangerous.

You can see Isaiah here holding a chain to keep from slipping down the slope into the water. You can also see anchored ropes running into the water incase you do happen to fall in.

I took this picture to show the height of the cliff above me not realizing that there are Pictographs above that I caught in the shot.

This was a really cool stairway carved out of the rock in the crack on our way back to the bikes.

This is where my pictures end for the day. Once we got back to the bikes it started pouring out and we had to race to find a campground. We made our way down to Agawa Bay Campground and got a site for the night. We ended up stuck in our tents for the majority of the evening only jumping out between storms to whip up some dinner.