Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Memorial Day Trip Gear Arrived

I received my tires today for the Memorial Day weekend trip. Dunlop D606 tires. They are going to be the most aggressive tires I have ever run on this bike. Here is a picture of the lug size. We're going to sound like a couple of monster trucks rumbling down the road.

Along with the tires I also received a 14 tooth sprocket. That is two teeth down from my current sprocket so I am hoping for a bit more low end torque with it. My plan is to run it till we get to the end of the trail and then swap back to my 16 tooth for the ride home.

I also got a heated vest from Tour Master. It is the Synergy 2.0. I tried it on but I haven't gotten around to hooking it up to the bike.

The tires I am going to wait as long as I can to put them on but it is going to be hard to resist the urge.