Friday, April 11, 2014

Olympia MotoQuest Riding Pants

I am sure I have complained about my riding pants in the past on here. I had been wearing the Aerostich Darien pants and they were just stiff and uncomfortable on the bike. I found them super tight in thighs and I don't have unusual thighs. Prior to those I wore the Tourmaster Overpant which were great except I should have ordered the 'Long' size as every time I sat on the bike the legs would come up on me. And neither of these pants will keep you dry.

Today I received my Olympia MotoQuest pants. I plan on also getting the jacket but I really needed a replacement pair of pants.

Initial impression is very good. They come with a rain pant liner that you can wear inside or out. I don't see myself wearing them inside unless the weather is real cold so I pulled out the rain pants right away even before trying them on.

Once I got them on I noticed that the knee pads were way too low so I took them off and adjusted them up. I thought right away that I was going to need to hem them because of how they hung with the legs unzipped but I am thinking differently now after sitting on a bike with them. While they are a bit baggy standing they are about perfect on the bike. Sitting on the bike I was able to adjust the knee pads to get them to the right place but they still feel a bit awkward. It may just take some time to break them in and get used to them.

I am 5'11" and around 200lbs. I wear a 34 x 34 size jeans so I took a shot in the dark and ordered a 36" waist. They fit perfect over my pants and I am able to get another layer or two underneath if needed.

I went out to the garage and jumped on a few different bikes from a CBR to a Concours to a KLR and even on a CB550 and the pants felt good sitting on all of them. My other pants (Aerostich Darien) were ok to wear on the KLR but felt tight on the CBR and Concours.

I only tried the rain pants on solo over my jeans and you can tell they are a bit baggy from the waist down to the knee to fit over the pants but from the knee down you can cinch them in with velcro pretty tight. The waist also has belt cinches on each side.

I will update more once I get out and ride with them for a while.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Microphone for GOPRO

I purchased a microphone for my GoPro off recommendations I read on a forum.

I picked up the Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone from The first think I noticed about it is the obscenely long twenty foot cord. I waded it up and shoved it in a pocket. I had to drill a hole into my GoPro case to accomadate the mic plug which wasn't that big of a deal since I already have a case with the charger port drilled out, I just added a hole to it.
The mic I was able to pinch between the pads in my helmet. Over all the quality of the audio is awesome and I think this is something that I might get around to making some vlogs with.

Here is the first video I made with it back in March. It isn't a very interesting video but I just made it to test it without thinking about what I was actually going to say.