Saturday, July 19, 2014

Concours 14 Tire Change

This is the first time in years that I actually paid someone else to change my tires. I figure with the complexity of this bike it is best to just have them balanced correctly. It isn't like the KLR and doing 80 miles per hour is a rare treat.

After the Bonzai Rally I noticed that my rear tire was pretty much gone. A couple of weeks later I was leaving my mothers house and was going to pull a small wheelie for a group of kids but instead my rear end broke loose. I knew that my tire was then done. Here is what I found when I got home.

Now my front tire at this time was about 90% gone also so I already had them ordered up and planned on replacing them both at the same time. I just wasn't sure how I was going to get them off at the same time.

So far so good.

If you ever need to get one of these front wheels off where they expect you to own the worlds largest hex wrench, it is the same size as a spark plug socket, just put the socket on the extension backwards.

I was thrilled to death when I took the front brakes off and found that the last person was nice enough to cross thread a bolt and instead of fixing it just ignore the fact that the bolt had to go in hard as hell.

Nothing a tap and heli coil couldn't fix.

Here is the Concours swinging like a 700 pound rocking horse.

All said and done it wasn't that bad and cost less than $75.00 for mounting, balance, and disposal.