Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Trip

Made my way to Ashland and back. Over all the trip was really nice and I had good weather by Saturday afternoon.

I left from work Friday afternoon and made my way to the cabin. I started off with my iPad navigating the way for fun. I also had my Spotify playing off of it.

I can tell you now that it doesn't work very well as the iPad overheats within a half hour because of being in an enclosed space.

This is how I packed the bike. 

The first three hours of the ride Friday were great. I then saw the clouds darken up and I knew I was in for some rain. I was hoping that I would make it to my next turn before having to stop and put on my rain gear... I was very wrong and I should know better than to wait.

Luckily I pulled into this driveway and the home had an over hanging porch on the front of it so I was able to get out of the rain and put my gear on.

I got geared up and politely waved at the folks peering out the window at me before I got back on my bike. 

The daylight disappeared very quickly and I found myself deep in the forest on fire roads that held on to most of the rain that fell. I took it slow and could feel the bike trudging through the deep floods. I finally made my way to the cabin driveway and got the bike in the garage. 

Once inside the cabin I tossed everything in the dryer ate a few snacks and drifted off to sleep in front of the TV.

The next morning I woke and it was still raining out. I grabbed all my gear out of the dryer and putted around the cabin wasting time as the radar claimed I would be out of the rain soon.

After waiting long enough and the rain wasn't letting up I geared up with the rain gear and hit the road. It rained on my for about two hours until I got close to Ashland and then it stopped. That was the last rain I would see for the rest of the trip.

Now that I was to my destination I set out to get a campsite at one of my favorite campgrounds. I knew it was going to be tough because of it being Labor Day weekend but I had my hopes up. 

Getting to the campground I rolled through the different sites and I found one that would work. I went up front and registered it for a single night and as soon as I did the camp host put out the Full sign. I guess I got the last site available.

After getting set up in camp I was off to visit my aunt and uncle whom I hadn't seen in a few years and spent most of afternoon with them. 

I took a ride into town to see if I could find another uncle but wasn't able to run into him. 

I rode around Ashland for a while and I found that they reopened the ore dock to the public. Now if you have read some of my older posts I know I have posted about the ore dock pre tear down and during the tear down of it. Here it is post tear down.

I was happy that one of my child hood memory's would be around for me to show my son one day.

After tooling around some more I headed back to the campground to enjoy a nice fire and get some good sleep.

The next morning I went and visited with a family friend and to do a bit of work on my uncles car.

Later on in the afternoon I hit the road for an uneventful 5 hour ride home.