Sunday, February 16, 2014

KLR tune up

I started tearing into the KLR last week to give it a nice tune up before spring hits.

What a mess.

First thing I did was open the air box to find a black air filter. Yes, that is my fault. But the hole in the air box is not my fault.

So great, what caused that? My nephew reached in by the exhaust and felt it while I turned it over. Yep, there is a leak.

To me it looks factory made but there is also a crack running along the seam.

The pipe is also cracked all the way around.

I put the air box thoughts on hold and go check out the spark plug. I go to pull the cap off and it is already loose. I ask my nephews if either of them pulled it on and nope they didn't, it has just been loose for a long time. I can't even get it to snap back on and you can see where the spark plug has been arcing off the cap.
Great, just another part to order.

Back to the air box. After looking into it for a while I find that there is only one way to get this air box out.

What a sad site it is.

Here is what the other side of the air box looks like.

I got lucky and found an air box on ebay for $35.00 and free shipping. It was supposed to be here yesterday but as usual Fedex can't seem to keep anything on time. They are the only ones that can't stick to what their tracking says. It said that it would be delivered on Saturday since the tracking info started. Today is Sunday and they changed it to "Delivery Date: N/A". I have Amazon Prime and that gives me free two day shipping but I know when my tracking says Fedex, it is going to be four days minimum.

Busted out the welder and did some repairs to the exhaust.

Hopefully I can get another 40,000 miles out of it.

While I'm in this far I figured I might as well get into the valves. They weren't that bad actually. The exhaust valves are only off by .01.
Nobody in this area keeps shims in stock in this area. Even if they order them they still want $13.00 a piece for them. The one local shop parts department didn't know what a KLR was.
I said I needed shims for a 08' KLR. He asked me what that is, I said a Kawasaki KLR, he asked me the displacement... I told him 650, I could hear him thinking long and hard about it... I then told him it was a motorcycle, he then found it. It is one thing if you are just a shop and work with a lot of bikes but Kawasaki is on their sign, they are a Kawasaki dealer! He asked me what sizes I need and I told him, they didn't have them in stock. I then asked him if he could double check what I figured out for shim size, I let him know that I have a 2.55 and a 2.70 I need it to be at .08 and I am currently at .05. He let me know after asking a couple of guys that they indeed have no way to figure out which shim I need. Hope nobody takes their bikes to them for valve adjustments.

So all this work to be done on my poor KLR and nothing to do it with.

Shims - shipping
Air box - shipping
Sprockets and chain - shipping
Spark plug cap - shipping

Now my rear brake started leaking, I think it is from pressure after I split the frame.

I also ordered a new set of dog bones for it to raise it up an inch which should help when I have the boxes loaded up.

One of these days I'll order the directional light cover that I have been missing for the past couple of years.