Friday, May 22, 2015

Bonzai! 2015

We're doing it again. This year the crew is going to be a bit different and they have a new "Team" category. Isaiah and I will be riding as a team and CJ will be riding solo. Doug and Eric both bailed out this year.

The Bonus sheet just got mailed out yesterday only three days prior to the rally which is later than last year which was nine days prior. It doesn't really matter, it took me less than an hour to come up with a few routes and get them plugged into the GPS. I also created a Excel sheet that once I have the points sheet I can enter the points and it will tell me which of the routes I came up with will have the most points.

Everything is packed and ready to go. I will be pulling out of here around 8:00 am with Isaiah and then meeting up with a friend 30 minutes up the road. From there we will head to La Crosse to meet with CJ and then ride the rest of the way up.

I really don't feel the excitement as I did last year but I am excited to ride with Isaiah again, he has been on hiatus for a couple of years here. I can tell you that quite a few other people are also not getting too excited for the rally as there are about half as many entries this year as there was last year. I also think they are short about 20 bonus questions this year. Not that it matters, you can only get so many. I guess with them being a bit short we will be running into more people.

We shall see how we do...