Monday, May 4, 2015

Accident! Kind of...

I had my first on road accident if you want to call it that. My nephew and I went out on a Sunday morning ride to just do some exploring and maybe find a few tags for the future. After we were done with our exploration we were heading back and I saw a gas station coming up on the right. I didn't quite need gas yet but I figured I might as well stop since I will need it by tomorrow morning to get to work. As I slowed and started turning right an inattentive driver hit me from behind.

Unfortunately that driver was my nephew on his Goldwing. All I heard was "Look out!" as he ran into the side of me. My first thought was that he was hit from behind and I was just waiting for the car that hit him to hit me. When that didn't happen I figured he brake failure. Nope, it was neither of these... he was just taking in the scenery.

Some scratched plastic, bruised up knee, and a 23 year record broken I came out of it ok. He came out about the same with some bent up crash bars and a broken saddlebag.

I rode to work today.