Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

It is this time of year that I get most excited about motorcycling because it is the time of year I can do it the least. This is the time of year that I get all my great ideas.

I have already signed up for the Bonzai rally as usual. This will be my 3rd year attending.

I have also signed up for the Minnesota 1000 which is a 24 hour rally. This will be a new experience for me but I am looking forward to it.

The only other thing on my agenda for the year is to pick up a few more Rustic Road signs.

As far as the what I would like to complete before the riding season begins, I would like to finally add a fuel cell to the Concours. I don't know how much I need one but I think it would be a fun endeavor to take on.

I also need to do a valve check on the poor Connie finally now that it has 30,000 miles. I will be covering that more in another post

Add some sort of Farkle bar to it. I was looking at purchasing one but I think I have enough Ram mounts from a different project that I could make one kind of easily if I think it will work for me.

Add two more lights which I ordered from Amazon, we'll see what they are like in a future post.